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Meadow View Organic Culinary School and Bed and Breakfast, Bishop Sutton, Bath and North East Somerset, England.

Bramble Jellies

These deeply fruity sweets can easily be made with your frozen crop of blackberries from the autumn.

Line a square baking tin with clingfilm, and set aside.

Place whatever gelling medium you choose: we use agar flakes, into a bowl and cover with cold water.  Set aside to soak.

In a food processor blend defrosted, frozen blackberries to make a puree.  Push through a sieve into a pan, and discard the seeds left behind.

Add raw organic caster sugar and water to the puree and heat to gently dissolve the sugar.  Then bring to a boil and simmer for a few minutes.  Mix in your soaked gelling agent.  Leave to cool in the pan.

Stir the mixture again, and pour into your prepared tin.  Allow to cool before chilling in the ‘fridge for several hours until completely set.

Cut the jelly into individual squares, and dust with raw organic caster sugar!


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