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Bergamot Marmalade

Deliciously sharp and tangy organic bergamots are currently in season, so why not make this fantastic marmalade!


Rinse and dry the bergamots, trim off the stem ends, then cut each in half and remove any seeds.

Using a sharp knife slice the bergamots as thinly as possible. Don’t use a food processor, as that will make the finished marmalade cloudy.

Put the sliced bergamots in a large pan, cover with water, and bring to a boil. Let boil for five minutes, then drain well. This blanches the bergamot peel and removes any bitterness.

Return the bergamots to the pan, add preserving sugar, a litre of water, and a generous pinch of sea salt, and bring to a boil. Cook the bergamots, stirring occasionally, until the marmalade begins to set using the wrinkle test: turn the marmalade off and put a dab on a plate that’s been in the freezer then check it after five minutes; if it wrinkles when you nudge it, it’s done. If not, continue to cook, repeating this step, until it reaches the desired consistency.

Depending on the heat, the marmalade will take at least 30 minutes to reach this point, although if you’re used to making other jams, it will look slightly more liquid than others when done. You can also use a jam thermometer; the jam will be done when the temperature reaches around 105ºC.

Once done, carefully ladle into clean sterilised jars and twist on the lids. Once cool, store in the refrigerator, where they’ll keep for at least six months.


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