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Meadow View Organic Culinary School and Bed and Breakfast, Bishop Sutton, Bath and North East Somerset, England.

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Our own apple juice

One of the real joys of living at ‘Meadow View’ is the produce we can grow here. From the Spring blossom right through to the Autumn harvest, we enjoy watching the apple crop grow on our trees. 

This year, we had a bumper crop of nearly 50kg of apples and we were delighted to be invited by our friends Anne-Marie and Stephen Tuck from Highgate Farm to watch our apples being turned into home-grown juice for our B&B guests. 

Steven poured the apples into a machine that chipped the apples into little shreds, then these were placed into a pneumatic press. 

The inflatable bladder pressed all the juice from the pulped apple chips and we watched as it ran down the side of the press in rivulets. 

The juice was collected, bottled and pasteurised within hours of being picked from our trees, and has a fresh, slightly tart flavour that goes really well with our breakfasts. It’s great to be able to tell guests that the juice they’re enjoying was made from fruit grown within sight of the dining room.



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