Meadow View

Organic Biodynamic Culinary School and Bed and Breakfast

Meadow View Organic Culinary School and Bed and Breakfast, Bishop Sutton, Bath and North East Somerset, England.

Meadow View is committed to operating sustainably


  • We're awarded '5' - the highest possible rating for food safety and hygiene, by Bath and North East Somerset Council
  • All of our power is supplied by Good Energy: the UK's only 100% renewables supplier, certified carbon neutral
  • We actively support and bank with Triodos: the world's most sustainable bank


  • We take great pride in sourcing our food ingredients from artisan and organic producers of known provenance and of the best quality, maintaining the highest animal welfare standards. We do not knowingly use any genetically modified ingredients
  • We avoid the use of palm and refined polyunsaturated oils; preferring high quality avocado, coconut and extra-virgin olive oils, butter and ghee
  • We actively support the best local and independent suppliers. We do not source any ingredients or products from transnational corporations
  • Our baking parchments and papers are unbleached, quilon-free and FSC certified. All wooden utensils are FSC certified.  We avoid the use of aluminium pans, non-stick, melamine, plastic and silicone cooking utensils


  • The majority of our lighting is energy-efficient LED. Heating is individually thermostatically controlled in each room
  • We're a low-allergen household. Our laundry and cleaning materials, and bathroom articles are cruelty-free, free of petrochemicals; animal derived ingredients; synthetic detergents; disruptive emulsifiers; allergens; phosphates; artificial colours and fragrances; genetically-engineered enzymes; chlorine bleach; palm oil derivatives; optical brighteners; synthetically and genetically modified ingredients, and are rapidly biodegradable
  • We recycle or compost as much of any waste as possible
  • All of our appliances are rated in the 'A+++' range for energy efficiency
  • Our gardens and land are cared for and maintained without questionable agrochemicals

Ham Lane   Bishop Sutton   Bristol   Bath and North East Somerset   BS39 5TZ   England